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Monday, 31 August 2020

Scary Stories for Kids - 5 Minutes of Pure, Uninterrupted Peace

The Midnight Man

By Dan Butler Poetry

We've ALL heard rumours of things that go bump in the night.....Right?
Well NOW it's finally time to face your fears and find out what IT REALLY is in this spooky, Halloween rhyme for kids.

THE MIDNIGHT MAN - by Dan Butler Poetry

If you're one of those kids that loves scary stories, scary videos and rhyming poetry, then you've come to the right place!
The Midnight Man is a spooky Halloween rhyme for children of all ages, that's GUARANTEED to give you chills from start to finish!
Watch Now and find out once-and-for-all about the mystery behind

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The scary nature of this video may be TOO much for some of the more sensitive members of the audience to handle.
Any fragile natured persons should NOT watch this video without a supervising adult.
BE Warned!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Energy Vampires & Psychic Attacks

How To Shield From Psychic Attacks & Energy Vampires:

A Guide To Help You "Identify Energy Vampires" And Protect From "Psychic Attacks"

How to protect from energy vampires
Psychic Energy Vampire
For empaths, psychics and people of a highly sensitive nature, keeping our energy vibrating at the positive end of the spectrum can be a bit of a challenge in today's society, especially with all the negative energy that's been flying around lately.

It can be even harder and more debilitating to our mental and emotional welfare when there seems to be certain people in our lives that actively seek to drain the our life-force without us being able to do anything about it.

Well that ends Now!...Bacause before you lies a resource that'll not only help you to identify the "Energy Vampires" out there, but also offer you an amazing technique to help keep your psychic energy protected as well.....You can thank us later.

Vibrating energy is what makes up the existence of everything in life and is commonly referred to as waves of energy flowing through the universe.
How to protect the aura from energy vampires?
Waves Of Energy
Everyone gives out certain vibrational frequencies, which is what attracts the many events that occur in your day-to-day life. Psychic vampires have learned to give out and control these frequencies which allow them to remain in the form they are in.

Energy comes in many different colors and forms and every emotion that is created gives out a specific type of energy that differentiates itself from the other types created.

Let's talk about energy that is created by positive actions.

For instance, creating a positive emotion in someone by doing something nice for the person is a way to get positive energy forming. When you create a positive emotion in someone, you are allowing the person you are creating that emotion with, to release positive energy which can come in the colors of yellows, pinks, oranges, purples, greens, etc.
How to shield yourself from negative energy?
Positive Energy

It varies with the person and the positive emotion being felt. This is the kind of energy you want to create.

While it does take longer and more work to create this kind of energy, the results in the long run are much more rewarding and you will feel better physically. When feeding off the positive energy created, you will feel the positive emotions of that person you are feeding off of.

Same goes if you are feeding off the energy provided by things in nature like trees for instance.
Learn how to defend against psychic attacks
Energy Of Nature
If you take energy from the tree, give energy back to it. When you create positive energy it is almost like you are feeding off each other at that point because you are both exuding a positive field of energy and in turn you are not creating a negative energy field.

When you have this kind of energy, you naturally attract it towards yourself without even trying most of time.

It also,

makes you feel good physically in the sense that you can think clearer

• You are less prone to becoming ill

• You feel good about yourself
How to protect your aura from negative energy?
Auric Energy Exchange
It makes giving and taking energy ten times easier than it would be if you were to choose to go take the route of creating negative energy in others and in your environment.

The creation of negative energy.

This way of creating energy through negative actions or emotions directed at others can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to create and feed off of energy, but it is also dangerous to you and dangerous to those you are feeding off of.
How to shield from psychic energy attack
Negative Thoughts and Emotions
All one has to do in order to create a negative form of energy is start talking to someone in a negative way, such as being condescending or talking to someone like they are a five-year old. When you do that, it creates frustration and even anger in others, and you can then take their energy immediately and produce large results by continuing to push that person's buttons so to say.
Negative Words and Actions
Starting a fight or an argument with someone produces negative energy results fast, it is easy to continue insulting someone if you will. The consequences of taking energy in this manner can result in many ways that are pleasant for some, and not so pleasant for others.

If you care at all about other people and their feelings or well-being, you will not perform this type of feeding of energy from others. It can make you feel ill, and keep in mind that you ARE absorbing that persons emotions and feelings as well, so if they are depressed, you become depressed.

The upside is that you replenish your energy fast, but the downside is that it diminishes fast as well.

Taking energy in this way not only can cause you to attract a lot of negative things into your life, such as lack of close friends or family, or even the inability to hold a job or sustain a relatively normal life; but it also affects your own personally mental and physical well-being with its toxins that negative energy tends to carry.
Feeling Low
For example, let's say that you have a close friend that you always pick on because they are broke all the time (this is purely an example) and never have money to do anything.

Eventually that person you are picking on will start to be on the defensive with you because you are always making fun of them. This creates an emotion of anger or frustration which are both negative.
Negative Energy
Now, every time you are around that person, they start giving off a negative form of energy instead of positive emotions and energy.

It is easy to get someone to give off that negative energy field without really trying. It's the positive energy field that tends to be a challenge for a lot of people and therefore, many people create negative energy fields around others.

Not ALL Vampires have to create some sort of emotion in someone in order to take their energy. For some of us it just comes naturally, while others it takes time and a lot of practice to learn how to just walk up to someone and touch their hand and take their energy without creating a positive or negative emotion in them.
Psychic Energy Vampire
While creating positive or negative energy in someone, it just basically ads to the energy a Vampire is already receiving just by being in the presence of someone.

It takes a lot of concentration and a tremendous amount of focus to develop this form of feeding and it is best to learn from someone else who already knows how to do this so that it they can guide you along the way to help you develop this skill.
Auric Energy Field
It is also possible to manipulate others energy fields in order to get what you want out of them, or make them do what you want them to do (so to speak). 
This is something that again comes naturally to some, and for others it is quite the challenge to master.

Once you are able to successfully learn this technique, it can make life that much easier for you and make taking that person's energy even simpler. Some people choose to use this gift for their own uses and gains while others choose to use it to have fun with people or just to be devious.

You can for instance focus your energy on someone you may want to get something from for free, like at a store or even the movie theater.
With this ability you can convince people of just about anything and they will believe it, and they will do a lot of what you ask of them. You can draw people in for feeding as well with this ability.

Learning how to use your own energy to take partial control of what others may think or do is an ability that should not be taken lightly and could easily fall into the hands of those who choose to use it for their own dark purposes.
Psychic Manipulation
Energy has been used for healing those who have ailments for thousands of years by just about every different culture in our world, as well as on other planes of existence. It is the life force which keeps everything living thing alive and able to function on a daily basis.
Human Energy Field

Without our energy field/aura, we would cease to exist as humans, as well as vampires. A vampire cannot survive without an energy field or without replenishing it, just as anything else in this world.

Understanding the energy field and what affects it and the results you will receive by feeding off of certain energies is important in knowing how to live and survive in a relatively negative energy free lifestyle for any vampire, intentional or unintentional...

Additional Information

"Vampirism isn't simply the old cliché of being sucked of energy.

This is what all of the others and all of the books are saying. This is only about 50% of the problem and in a way, doesn't even constitute the main type of attack.
Psychic Attack
One of the most dangerous aspects of the attack is to actually be dumped on by the other person."

You need to understand:

• Bioenergy and how it works.

• Cording and the exchanging of energies along with how each person plays a role.

• The vampiristic kind of person has the greatest success from people.

• Who suffer enormous trauma and enormous loss throughout their lives.

• Whose consciousness has been traumatized.

• Who have been beaten up a lot.

• Who have had a lot of difficulty in life.

• Who have been underdogs.

• Who have been outsiders.

• Who need a lot of warmth and affection.

Energy vampires tend to stay away from:

• People who are stronger.

• People who are centered.

• People who have lived a better life

I really hope that this has given you some insight into the what's and why's of a Psychic Energy Vampire.
Getting by in this sometimes difficult world can be hard enough without being drained by others, so I hope this page helps.
Psychic protection
Psychic Protection
As an addition to the information you've seen here, we invite you to take a look at our free Psychic Protection training course to give you the vital tools needed to keep your energy the way it should be......POSITIVE!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Exploring The 5th Dimension

What Is The 5th Dimension?

The 5th dimension
The 5th Dimension

We are living during a monumental time in which humanity is experiencing a shift to higher consciousness. We are rapidly shifting from 3rd dimension consciousness to the 5th dimension, and it's now time to explore what the 5th dimension really is.

The following is what one may experience once they have reached 5th dimension consciousness and beyond:

What to expect from the 5th Dimension.

When a person reaches the 5th dimension they may experience existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy. No effort is required on their part to remain in this state. This takes place naturally and automatically. All dissonant energy is automatically filtered out.
5th Dimension Consciousness 
In addition to automatically existing in a permanent state of peace, bliss, love, and joy, people who have reached the 5th dimension may begin to automatically see themselves in everyone whether it be humans or animals. They may also begin to automatically feel love for everyone.

Furthermore, no negative thoughts stream into the mind of a person who has reached the 5th dimension. In fact, all negative thoughts are automatically filtered out of their mind.
5th Dimension Mind
The mind is also automatically quiet without the constant chatter that flows into the 3rd dimension mind.

In fact, there are not very many thoughts that enter a mind that has reached the 5th dimension unless the thoughts are necessary in moving them from one moment in time to the next.

When a person reaches the 5th dimension, their perception of time may slow down considerably.
Times Slows In The 5th Dimension

Time on the clock of the wall may seem to pass by more quickly, but the mind does not perceive that very much time has passed. This may be compared to what is said happens when a person experiences physical death.

During physical death, a person transitions from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness. It is said that while years may pass on the Earth, it may seem like only minutes have passed in the spirit world.
Transcend Time & Space
Our perception of time slows down as we transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness during physical death. This is why it may seem that not much time has passed in the spirit world while a lot of time has passed on the Earth.

Those who have ever had a close brush with death as a result of an accident or nearly being in an accident, may have noticed, that their mind starts moving more slowly in these situations also.
Everything appears to happen in slow motion. The soul is getting ready to transition from 3rd dimension consciousness to 4th dimension consciousness in these situations so that the person may exit through the portal of death. Hence, their perception of time slows down.

Sometimes a change to the divine plan for the person's life is made, however, and they miraculously barely escape from harm often at the last second.
One may also notice that if they use Self-Hypnosis or meditation, it may also seem as though not much time has passed, but according to the clock on the wall, a lot of time may have passed. Again, in these cases, the mind is transitioning beyond the 3rd dimension.

The same phenomenon happens while we are physically alive in a 3rd dimension body on the 3rd dimension Earth, and our energy vibration increases, and we ascend to 5th dimension consciousness. Our perception of time slows down.
When a person reaches the 5th dimension, they only live in the present moment with no reference to the past.

They can access past memories if they need to, however, a person who has reached the 5th dimension does not dwell in the past. Their mind is automatically focused on the present moment with no effort required on their part at all whatsoever. It is simply a state of being that they automatically live in.

Since a person who has reached the 5th dimension is automatically living in the present moment, they also do not have any reference to the future which means that they do not have any worries on their mind about the future neither. They simply live from moment to moment and from one event to the next event.
A person who has reached the 5th dimension may also experience increased psychic and intuitive abilities.

They may experience any of the following:

Clairvoyance (seeing beyond the 3rd dimension/3D)

Clairaudience (hearing beyond 3D)

Clairsentience (feeling beyond 3D)

Clairgustance (tasting beyond 3D)

Clairalience (smelling beyond 3D)

Clairempathy (feeling what others feel)

Claircognizance (Information that a person had no prior knowledge of flows into their mind automatically from an unknown source)



ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)


Split consciousness

Kinetic Energy (moving physical objects without touching them physically and without intending to move them)

Psychokinesis (moving physical objects without physically touching them when intending to move them)

Psychometry (touching an object and being able to feel the energy that has been absorbed by the object),

...and other psychic phenomena.

A person who has reached the 5th dimension may also shift from a state of mind based on belief to a state of mind based on intuitive knowing. Intuitive knowing goes beyond one's belief system. It is an inner knowing.

Similarly, one may also automatically know whether information is true or false based on how the energy of the information resonates, as everything in existence is simply energy. There is nothing in existence that is not energy. Even our thoughts are energy.
Manifestation is also much easier when a person reaches the 5th dimension. No meditations, visualizations, rituals, putting a lot of energy into statements of intent, nor any focus on nor knowledge of the Law of Attraction is required neither.
Just a simple, light thought about what is desired is enough to manifest it into physical reality, and in a lot of situations, no thought about their desires is even required, as everything is simply synchronized so that what they need is there for them exactly when and where they need it.

This is indeed a very interesting time in which to be alive on the Earth.

We are headed to a state of existence that is free from the dissonance and the restrictions of the 3rd dimension, and it is a wonderful and beautiful state of existence to live in.

Go forth and experience these wonderful states of being for yourself.

Love and light to you all.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

ANUNNAKI - The Terrifying Truth

A Comprehensive Study Of The Anunnaki -

What are the Annunaki and What do they want?

This is a very difficult article to present because what is about to happen is most disturbing. Things on the Earth are about to take a tremendous turn for the worse.
Most of the people on the planet are oblivious to what is happening; the New World Order is about to engulf the world. Of those who have some awareness of what is occurring, only a small percentage of them understand that Anunnaki aliens are behind the New World Order.

Whilst humans can be cruel taskmasters, the people of the world are unprepared for the evilness that alien taskmasters will soon be expressing after they implement their plans for the NWO. In the short term, the Anunnaki slave masters will no longer hide behind invisibility technology and remain behind the scenes, nor will they worry about making good impressions on people or personal-relation issues.
In the long term, it will be all out slavery, with the humans who survive the onslaught being subjected to masters as never before.

There are many reasons why the Anunnaki remained hidden from human eyes on the planet all this time, and why they have not used their technology to annihilate the whole human race. One of the reasons is that most of the races of Anunnaki are not particularly attractive in physical terms. When they arrived on Earth, they were taken in by the human form and admired its appearance. This led to many aliens mating with human women, either forcibly or voluntarily.
Annunaki skull
Many of the Anunnaki have strong sex drives, and the fact that humans can mate whether in or out of season was a bonus for the aliens on Earth.

Today, many of the Anunnaki preferences for males and females are apparent in the marketplace. Beauty shops abound, and fashion trends are often presented to satisfy Anunnaki sexual urges. Anunnaki are particularly attracted to large breasts, hence they have urged and otherwise programmed women to pursue breast implants. The recent trend towards full lips and big buttocks are examples of Anunnaki programming.
New world order
Males' hunk-look is another Anunnaki influence. Anunnaki also groom children and exploit them to fulfill their sexual appetites. The "free love" movement of the 1960s was Anunnaki sponsored, as was the move of Hollywood from entertainment towards full-blown pornography and the desensitization towards injustice and horror.

Another Anunnaki reason for keeping humans on the planet is to use them as slaves to do their bidding. This has been effectively done from behind the scenes, so to speak, with few humans ever suspecting they were working for alien slave masters.
Anunnaki masters
Eventually, many aliens later adapted themselves to fit into human shells, but it should be remembered that these are alien consciousnesses in human bodies. That is, they do not think or act like humans, they just look like them.

The Reptilians and the Vulturites are the two most powerful Anunnaki groups, and they are bitter enemies. When the Reptilians decided to re-locate their top secret Atu-waa to the Earth, a great many aliens became interested in the secrecy surrounding the planet. The other aliens watched, visited and hoped to colonize the Earth.
Anunaki aliens
The Reptilians retreated into human forms so they would blend in with the locals and be able to operate in relative obscurity. However, many other alien races did the same thing. Over time, the human populations became infested with alien consciousnesses in human forms. One thing that occurs when aliens take on human forms is that it becomes difficult for them to identify their own kind, so difficult that only a few of the highest echelon can do so. Most humans lack even the knowledge of alien consciousnesses in human bodies.

They are completely unaware of the alien invasion that has riddled the Earth for millennia, and even if they were aware, very few would be able to identify aliens amongst their populations, much less ascertain which alien races are where.
Rothschild Anunnaki
It is the plan of the Reptilians to implement the NWO so they can control the entire planet. They had hoped to rule the Virtual Reality from this base because they had secured the Atu-waa on the planet. With that tool and total control of the Earth, the Reptilians believed they could master all worlds by starting and re-starting time when most opportune for them. Of course, the Atu-waa is now totally inoperable since the True-Light being that was enslaved in the device was rescued.

We are on the brink of the NWO, which looms ominously before us. It can be felt by those who are sensitive to it.
New world order
The implementation of the NWO has begun. Australia is the launching pad. Originally, the ruling elite had intended America to be the first nation to be absorbed into the NWO, but several things altered that decision, which led to a change to move it to Australia.

Many Greys have moved to Australia, as can be seen by the recent push by various shires to fluoridate water supplies. As I have indicated in previous articles, the Greys have lived underground for so long that they have developed deficiencies that are corrected by regular doses of toxic fluoride, which are administered to them in "medicinal" doses through water systems on the surface of the planet. People in the affected areas are subjected to fluoride poisoning for the benefit of the Greys. The authorities responsible for fluoridation, and the health professionals who support fluoridation of water systems, are nearly all ignorant of the Grey/fluoride connection.

Wherever there is pressure to fluoridate water systems, there is a very good chance that Greys are about to re-locate to the area. As I have indicated, for the time being, Greys are closely aligned with the Reptilians. The Greys have co-operated with the Reptilians because they have been promised that Grey DNA and human DNA will be merged and moulded to form a new race that will emerge as the dominant race on Earth after the NWO is fully implemented. The Greys have conducted horrible experiments on humans to work with both sets of DNA. However, the Reptilians have lied to the Greys; their DNA will not be used for any new emergent species.
Reptilians and Greys
In addition to contaminating water supplies with fluoride, the aliens are bombarding water with beams that instill programming into the water to make people more accepting of the NWO. As a side affect of the programming in the water, people who have tendencies towards obesity become more obese, and those who would be marginally overweight become obese. There are other side affects, but obesity is one of the more obvious ones. Any drinks that are readily available and widely distributed are likely to contain both fluoride and the alien beamed-in programming.

Although it is in the early stages of implementation, the foundation for the NWO was laid millennia ago. It appeared ever so slowly and aspects of it seem to be unrelated, but it moves forward, involving various facets of life, such as: health, legal, financial, political, communication, media, marketing, education, social, trading, military, police and other systems.
Annunaki nwo
The NWO will not happen overnight. The ruling elite is altering peoples' health and structure in preparation for the implementation of the NWO. Thoughts are being modified through all the services, activities and bombardments directed especially at the youth, who will be the examples for the NWO.

One thing has led to another, and, finally, the stage is ready for the implementation of the early stages of the NWO. Terrorism has changed security systems and brought about the demands for obedience of the law and resulted in divisions of various nationalities and races of the world. The United Nations and other national composite associations are being used to implement the NWO.
Anunnaki conspiracy
What will emerge will be self-appointed bullies over certain nations, who will take power much like schoolyard bullies overpower their classmates. Bullies will increase in all fields and at all levels. Bullying will be the norm in the workplace, schools, organizations and on the streets. The very young are now learning to bully their classmates, which behaviour is condoned. Older people are also encouraged and even rewarded for bullying. The whole system is going mad. People are openly rude and disrespectful. Hating, bullying, looting and marauding are directly or indirectly encouraged by the system and by the socio-political environment.

The minds of people are changing. What we are seeing is reminiscent of the Anunnaki mentality and behaviour before the collapse of their own social systems a long time ago.
Anunaki slaves
Humans, animals and plants have been slowly poisoned and modified in various ways over the years until now, when it is time for more specific mind control and physical restraint. For example, the alien force has begun implementing particular mind-control beams targeting certain travellers in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales in Australia.

At this time, the most targeted areas in Queensland are along certain highways, especially along portions of the New England Highway. Roads that link major towns to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, are among the most affected.

Currently, those who unsuspectingly travel the New England Highway do so at their own peril.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Dark Web "MIND CONTROL" Methods Exposed!

Learn the Secret Technique used by leaders for eons to control peoples minds.

So how do they do it?

Mind control is something that's been studied and documented for eons. One man's plight to gain control of another man's mind is something that every one of us has thought about at some point in our lives....none more so than those in charge.
Making someone, or in this case, lots of people, do something that they would normally say no to, is a secret that (up until now) has been highly regarded as the closest thing to real mind control.

It's's easy.....but above all else....its SUPER effective!

See for yourself.....

This is how directed mind control has been managed and utilised for 1000s of years by the global elite, to manipulise vast swathes of people to do whatever they desire.

"The Hegelian Dialectic" is a powerful mind control technique commonly used by the media, politicians, and even ancient rulers, to bring about a desired result among the people.
It's a simple, three step process that if utilised properly, can render people powerless to your every demand....And it goes like this.....
In order to convince people to give you what you want, the process consists of 3 easy to follow steps.

First of all there's the Thesis.....

Thesis - A problem is intentionally created to invoke a mass sense of panic or outrage. Usually, in the case of governments controlling their people, a disaster is created, or a social conflict is intentionally stirred up so as to grab the attention of the vast majority, and invoke the feeling of fear.

Antithesis - Opposition to the problem is created - Which is simple if you understand the process......just find someone else, or something else to blame for the aforementioned's that simple.

Once you've convinced the people that the problem was caused by someone else, you'll want to offer them the Synthesis.....
Synthesis - The desired result is brought in as a solution, and that solution is tied in nicely to the original intention of the people/person that intentionally caused the original problem.......confused?

Well read the examples below to see just how easy it's been in recent years for governments to use this exact method to fool millions.

"An example of this was in Germany when Adolph Hitler wanted to pass ’anti-terrorist’ legislation. Hitler wanted the power to detain people without question and hold them in custody without a court hearing. The people of Germany wanted no such thing. So Hitler had the Reichtag building burned to the ground (Thesis). He then blamed terrorists for this terrible crime (Antithesis)
The media portrayed the event as a danger to society and people’s welfare (Creating Fear). The people demanded something be done so Hitler introduced his new anti-terrorist legislation with the people’s consent (Synthesis.....BOOM!)

I hope this method sounds familiar to you because it is used in all aspects and at all levels of society. Create a disaster. Blame someone/something else. Offer the people a solution that benefits you, and watch as they bend to your's that simple.

Pay attention to the anti-terrorist legislation being passed due to terrorist incidents which are occurring today. The people who do not understand these things are simply being deceived.."
What’s happening to your rights and freedoms right now?
The ’Patriot’ act! REMEMBER THIS before you turn on CNN and watch the World Trade Center reactionists persuade your thoughts on this matter.
Before you decide what the real cause of the plane disaster is, remember everything you’ve learned here.
The 9/11 event is not what it seems - from what we can tell a select group used a remote control system called "Global Hawk" to take over and steer the jets electronically on that terrible day, then they used Tesla’s HAARP (in Alaska) to pulse Scalar waves at the buildings turning the steel to jello.


To create fear and to enslave more NWO idealism into our world once again. Steel CANNOT MELT at the temperatures that jet fuel burns at, PERIOD! (A difference of more than 800 degrees!)

That’s a truth that should keep you awake at night - do your research!

So what do we make of all this? Well it's up to you to decide what you do with the information you've seen here.....we can only be responsible for providing you with the truth.

Question EVERYTHING!....

And please share this post so that others may learn to spot this mind control technique.

Monday, 25 March 2019


Welcome To The Hall of Akashic Records

In a world where it's the enlightened ones who hold the key to humanities evolution......knowledge is EVERYTHING!....
So an all access pass to the Hall of Akashic Records would provide you ALL the information you need in order to obtain the type of wisdom that's necessary to facilitate your own evolutionary ascension in this lifetime....Right?
Well this is where it gets interesting.....because....

Before you lies a free resource that not only delves to the core of what the Akashic Library REALLY is, but also gives you in-depth guidance and tips on how to access this great trove of knowledge for yourself.

And as if that wasn't enough, we're also giving you free access to an amazing guided meditation to help you access your hall of akashic records.

Are you interested? Read on to learn more.

What Are The Akashic Records?

There is a library that contains everything about you. Your life, all the things you've done, thought, felt this life time and the past. It's called the Akashic Records. It is a vibrational library in the fifth dimension, not an actual physical library.
It contains all the information of the universe of all beings from the beginning of time and space. In the old and new testament of the bible it's called the Book of Life. The word Akasha comes from Sanskrit and means primary substance from which all things are formed.
When you enter the Akashic records you are entering the soul's blueprint. The essence of what makes that soul who she or he is. It is a very privileged and honored place to be.

In the records you can find out the who, why, and what of any situation. In other words why you chose certain experiences, relationships, issues, blocks. What you can do about it to create the life you really want. And who you really are based on your skills, abilities and gifts.
You can experience past lives and see some future possibilities. You can also find out information on houses, paintings, times in history, pets. Anything that is on the planet.
The records are filled with wisdom. They are a source of information and understanding. There is no judgment, negativity or meanness in the records. Just pure knowledge.

Can I Enter My Own Records?

Absolutely. Anyone can enter their own records. What is vitally important is that when you enter the records you have a clear understanding of what you're really looking for. You see the records are HUGE and the data on you is mind blowing. Everything you've thought, felt, experienced is stored in there. If you don't have a clear intention of why you're in there you could get overwhelmed or lost in the information.

When you go into the records with questions your guides, teachers, angels now know how to direct you. You cannot enter another persons records without their permission unless you are in a very close relationship with them. Even in those cases, if that person's highest self does not like you in their records you will be shut out.
When you enter someone's records you are moving about in their soul's history. If you don't know what you're doing you can accelerate their soul's journey and they might not be ready for it!
The highest degree of integrity and intention is required in the records. Whatever your intentions are, is what the records will reflect back to you.

How Do I Enter My Own Records?

Techniques To Enter Akashic Library:

The quickest and easiest way to enter your records is through meditation, visualization and/or prayer. When you meditate you access a higher dimensional brain wave pattern which allows you to enter the 5th dimension where the records are. Just to be clear the records aren't in a particular place (location) they're in an energetic dimension. So the only way to access them from the physical plane is through your subconscious.
When you meditate you tap into that field of energy, the super consciousness.
There are some simple ways to meditate. You may do a breath meditation, repeat a mantra, clear your mind, focus in on a point in front of you. If you chose a breath meditation do a circular breath. In through your nose and out through your mouth as if you're completing a full circle.

Pay attention to your breath. Once you've spent a few minutes getting into the right zone, you can ask your higher self to enter the records.
Creating a prayer that allows you to enter the records is another way to to enter. Saying something like:
“I ask my guides, teachers, loved ones, angels to help me enter the Akashic records to see myself in wholeness.
I pray that my ego is kept out of the way and I am given the wisdom I need to see myself through the light of god.
The records are now open.
The records are now open.”
Another way to enter the records is through visualization.

Close your eyes and get comfortable. Breathe in and out deeply until you feel deeply relaxed. Visualize yourself moving out of your body into the universe above.
You keep going higher and higher up until you can go no further. Imagine being in front of a door. This is the door that allows you into the Akashic records.
Ask permission to enter the records. Ask your guides to help you enter. Once you are inside ask for your records.
When you are finished, thank your guides for helping you enter and stay grounded.
Close the door behind you and return back into your body.

You can use the Akashic Records to find out:

What your life's purpose is.
• What lessons you're here to learn.
• What your unique, gifts, talents and abilities are.
• Why you're attracting a certain kind of relationship or friendship.
• Why you're having health or money issues.
• Explain the reasons why something happened in your life.
• Why you're stuck and how to get unstuck.
• What you need to do to move forward.
• What steps you can take to align to your soul's purpose NOW.

• Which guides, angels, master teachers and loved ones are helping on
the other side.
• You can heal old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you.
• Find out about past lives that are still affecting you today.
• Understand your families legacy and heal issues.
• Heal yourself in the Akashic records.

That concludes this section on The Hall Of Akashic Records.

You've learned what the Akashic Records are, and how to access this great trove of knowledge for the rest is up to you.

What you do with this information is your choice....but remember....knowledge is power, and with great power comes great use this it wisely.

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To further enhance your connection to the Hall of Records we've put together this very powerful guided meditation that is free for you to use.

Just sit back, connect your headphones and allow yourself to be guided on a journey that will put you in conscious contact with the Akashic Records in less than an hour.

Use this in conjunction to the lessons you've learned here today and see for yourself just how easy it is to obtain the greatest wisdoms and mysteries that the universe has to offer.

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